Jewelry dot welding machine

W150G utilizes a laser source that excites Nd: YAG crystal using a pulsed Xenon lamp that resonates to create a laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm.



  • High aspect ratio, thin weld width, narrow heat affected zone, zero deformation, and fast welding speed.
  • The weld is smooth and clean, with or without simple process after welding.
  • High weld strength, no porosity, eliminates the impurities of the base metal, the microstructure can be
    refined after welding, the weld strength is at least equal to or even exceed the base metal strength.
  • Tiny laser spot can be precisely positioned and easily automated.
  • Fit for some dissimilar metal welding.
  • Spot welding, butt welding, overlap sealing welding.
  • Various metals such as gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and their alloys.

This laser spot welder is mainly used for repairing holes of gold and silver jewelry, seams and claw parts.
It can be applied to a variety of metals and alloys such as,

● gold
● silver
● platinum
● stainless steel
● titanium

Model W150G
Laser type  YAG 
Laser wavelength  1064nm 
Max. laser output power  150W
Max. laser peak power  9 KW
Max. laser pulse energy  80 J
Pulse width  0.1~20ms
Pulse frequency  0.1~20Hz
Spot diameter  0.2~2.0mm 
Welding depth  0.05~3mm
Waveform number  60 groups 
Aiming positioning mode  Microscope co-axial observing system 
Power demand  220V/30A (50/60Hz)
Overall power consumption  6 KW
Cooling mode  Integrated water circulation chiller heat exchange forced air cooling
Weight 200 KG
Main machine dimension  1075x550x1190 (mm)
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