YAG Laser Welding Machines

A YAG welder machine is a specialized welding device that uses a YAG laser beam to join metals and other materials. YAG welders generate high-intensity laser beams that can be focused tightly, making them suitable for intricate works and small-scale projects. These machines help create strong and durable welds with minimal heat-affected zones. This type of welding machine is known for its precision and versatility and is widely used in industries such as electronics, jewelry making, and aerospace.



  • YAG welder
  • PB80
  • PB300CE
  • WF600PG3
  • PB25CE
  • Mobile phone and other electrical metal pieces¬†
  • Electronic components
  • Small sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Medical device
  • MOLD repair
  • Military manufacturing
  • Advanced instrumentation