Welding Tables

Welding tables provide a stable and controlled platform for welding and assembly tasks. These specialized tables are designed to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, and every component is aligned with perfection. It can withstand vigorous industrial use and prevents unwanted vibrations. These tables accommodate a variety of fixtures, clamps, and accessories, empowering professionals to adapt their setups for diverse projects.



  • D16 2D Modular Welding Table
  • D16 3D 100 Series Modular Welding Table
  • D16 3D 200 Series Modular Welding Table
  • Side plate for 4 side axis
  • Gives the option to clamp the object from outside Modular type
  • Top Plates can be reconfigured to expand the width of the table for larger projects.
  • Precision ground steel plates, with CNC machined 16 mm Dia holes in a 50 mm grid pattern for locating,
    positioning and mounting FIXTO clamps and accessories.
  • Heavy Duty Leveling Feet ensures proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces.
Model no. Length Width Height
NWT-1010 1000 1000 750/900
NWT-1212 1200 1200 750/900
NWT-1510 1500 1000 750/901
NWT-2010 2000 1000 750/902
NWT-2015 2000 1500 750/903
NWT-1224 1200 2400 750/904
NWT-3015 3000 1500 750/905