Threaded Welding Studs

Stud welding is a technique where a fastener or specially formed nut is welded onto another metal part, typically a base metal or substrate. We the best Stud Welding Machines, Shear, Studs, Threaded Stud, Refractory Anchors, Insulation Pins & Clips dealers and suppliers in UAE.



  1. Capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding with tip ignition.
  2. Short-cycle stud welding (SC) or Drawn Arc (DA).

    The fastener can take different forms, but typically fall under threaded, unthreaded or tapped and the welding is performed by a  stud welding systems.

    The main and important industrial sectors where the threaded welding studs is used are  vehicle construction, automotive supply , industry, armored protection vehicles,  steel construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, apparatus / casing construction, control panel, cabinet construction, commercial kitchens, laboratory and health techniques, food industry, household appliances, information technology, metal fittings, curtain walling, overland and underground engineering, Ventilation construction, insulating techniques, fire-proof , insulation of power and combustion plants, vessel construction, shipbuilding etc.