Nozzle Welding Machines

  • Featuring a rise and fall cam mechanism with a range of 0 to 7 inches, these nozzle welders provide flexibility to accommodate different tank curvatures, delivering consistent and high-quality welds every time. The welder is securely positioned on the nozzle using the innovative 3 jaw spider chucks, available in three different sizes to suit various nozzle diameters.
  • The range of nozzle welding machines available includes three distinct models: RW 1500, RW 1700, and RW 2000. These models are differentiated based on their nozzle diameter capability and amp rating, which determines the welding wire diameter they can handle. Whether you require Sub Arc, Mig, or FCAW welding capabilities, our nozzle welding machines in UAE are versatile enough to meet your needs.


Circle Burners play a crucial role in the fabrication process, precisely cutting nozzle openings on pressure vessels and creating straight or bevelled holes in large-diameter pipes. Equipped with advanced features, these circle burners can effortlessly cut holes ranging from 1 ½” to 42″ in diameter, including bevelled holes, as well as square cut holes from 4″ to 42″ in diameter. We are dedicated to offering high-quality Circle Burners and Nozzle Welding Machines at competitive rates, catering to the needs of industries across the UAE.