Welding Carriages

We offer a wide range of fillet and butt welding carriages with and without oscillating functions for horizontal and vertical welding, tailored to suit your job requirements all over the UAE.

Explore the range of Welding Carriages available at Rockwood:

  • CS-47 Multi Pass Fillet Carriage (Multi Joint)
  • CS-24 Angle Dual Sides Fillet Carriage
  • CS-5D Stitch / Continuous Fillet Carriage
  • CS-7D Micro MINI Distance Establish and Stitch / Continuous Carriage
  • CS-4A Wall Traveling Fillet Weight Carriage
  • CS-4D Wall Traveling Stitch / Continuous Fillet Carriage
  • CS-23 I-Bar Dual Slide Fillet Carriage
  • CS-2A Dual Sides Fillet Carriage
  • CS-5A Fillet Weight Carriage with lever
  • CS-7A Fillet Lighter Weight Carriage with lever
  • CS-7 Fillet Lighter Weight Carriage


Ensure safety and achieve superior weld quality with adaptable Portable Welding Carriages and Weld Oscillators, crafted for professional welders in the UAE. Auto Welding Carriage streamlines welding tasks, minimizing time and labor requirements.  Reach out to our sales team today for a personalized quote and find the perfect model to match your specific job requirements.