Welding Rotators

These adjustable welding rotators in UAE are engineered to handle and automatically weld circular metal containers, making them an essential tool in industries such as oil, pressure vessel manufacturing, wind tower production, pipeline fabrication, and more.

This versatile equipment offers superior performance and reliability, ensuring seamless welding operations for a variety of round workpieces.

Welding rotators are self-aligned and are specifically designed for handling and automatically welding circular metal containers, catering to the needs of pressure vessel manufacturers worldwide. Ideal for use in industries such as oil, wind power, pipeline fabrication, and more, this equipment offers unparalleled versatility and performance.




Welding Rotators, also known as Tank Rollers, Welding Rollers, Tank Rotators, or Weld Rotators, are indispensable tools for welding circular and longitudinal seams of cylindrical objects, including barrels, pressure containers, and boilers. Designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, these welding rotators in UAE are available in various configurations and capacities to suit different applications.