Weld Cleaning Machines

The technologically advanced system RC INOX SYSTEM REVOLUTION is the only system capable of realizing, using unlabeled products, the complete cycle of stainless steel: degreasing, deoxidation, pickling, electrochemical polishing, passivation Certificate in compliance with standards B 117 and ASTM 967. We offer Stainless Steel Weld and Tank Cleaning Machines in UAE.



  • The incorporated technologies and New Waveforms rapidly breaks down tenacious oxides, torches and protective materials designed ad hoc, to maximize the use of high-performance Non-hazardous chemical products for the operator.
  • Powerful system that can be remotely programmable via USB port, which helps determine the behavior of the system according to the type of welding: TIG, MIG, electrode, arc Submerged, etc.
  • The machine works rapidly pickling through a plurality of torches, electrochemical brushes and multi-brushes and is capable of covering the entire treatment cycle on stainless steel: degreasing, decontamination, pickling, multi-material passivation, deoxidation (for maintenance), electropolishing, marking.
  • Two operators can simultaneously work with the same system.
  • The system permits you to work on shiny surfaces: it does not opacify the treated area.
  • The system ensures instant maintenance to remove corrosion and restore the surface of stainless steel.
  • Incomparable speed: The width of the operating torches can reach up to 350 mm and more with the Monster versions.
  • The treatment performed by RC INOX SYSTEM REVOLUTION is CERTIFIED and guarantees high resistance to corrosion through multi-material passivation with performances superior to those of Nitric Acid.
  • Inox System Make Up
  • Inox System Mini Evolution 2.0
  • Inox System Monster