Welding Positioner

  • Welding positioners feature a rotation structure powered by a DC motor, allowing for seamless speed regulation to meet diverse welding requirements. Equipped with a turning mechanism comprising worm and gear, these positioners ensure self-locking functionality, enabling continuous rotation of the worktable between 0-90/0-120 degrees.
  • With a special anti-electromagnetic design, these welding positioners in UAE effectively reduce high-frequency interference during TIG welding, thereby enhancing welding quality and precision. Additionally, there is a provision for a self-controller to manage working conditions and timing, facilitating seamless coordination between the positioner and welder.


Welding positioners are essential machines designed to manipulate the position of workpieces on the welding table, facilitating smooth rotation at specified speeds and precise tilting for optimal welding conditions. In the UAE, welding positioners are synonymous with tables that rotate workpieces at controlled speeds and tilt them to specific angles.