Welding Column and Boom Manipulators

Customers have the flexibility to integrate their existing welding head and welding power source with our columns and booms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. We offer three types of welding column and boom manipulators:

  1. Fixed type
  2. Fixed with rotation of the boom type
  3. Carriage moving type on rails

The welding column and boom manipulator in UAE feature versatile functionality, with the column capable of retracting (left and right) and lifting (up and down) movements to accommodate various welding needs. The speed of retracting is precisely controlled by Frequency Conversion Speed Control (VFD), ensuring stability and accuracy in operation.



Welding column and boom manipulators are essential equipment for both inside and outside circumferential and longitudinal SAW welding applications. The manipulators consist of a column, boom, pedestal, ladder, electrical equipment, control pendant, and flux recovery system, providing comprehensive support for welding operations. Explore our range of welding column and boom manipulators in UAE today and elevate your welding capabilities to new heights.